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I run a local tech start-up located in Carmel, Indiana by day, and by evening I am a DJ.  Along with that, I do marketing consulting/content creation as well as running my favorite piece - Believe Brand Co. A local faith based brand in Indianapolis.

Morning routines are important in the fact that they set your day up for one of two things: productivity or haste. By no stretch of the imagination am I obsessed with routine or schedule, however, there are certain elements that come into play.

It begins with waking up.  I typically rise between 8-8:30 each morning.  I don’t believe you must wake up before everyone else to be more productive. It does mean though that I must now maximize my time and energy because there are more distractions at 8:00AM than there are at 5:00AM.

I’ve done both — I just hate the idea of missing out on the spontaneity of the evening hours - I seem to be more creative once the sun sets.

The first thing I do check is my unread messages, emails and calendar from the day before. I Literally do this prior to getting out of bed — I want to make sure I don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time. This way, I can also clear out another objective when I get into the office, so that when it’s time to work I can dive straight in.

Then, I either turn on Worship Music, Motown, or James Bay-esc music to get my day started. Something mellow and peaceful to sooth my soul and get me energized.  

I talk to God during this time and thank him for his grace, mercy and love. I ask for strength, focus and humility for the day to come.

I work best when I feel fresh, I turn on cold shower water for just a brief moment to wake my body up, then shower. 

As I’ve gotten older, the more I value taking care of my body. We only get one, so why not take care of it?  I clean and moisturize my skin with my own quick little routine: essential oils, a bit of lotion and of course some cocoa butter for that nice natural scent.

I brush my teeth, clean up any unkept hair, and get dressed. I don’t layout anything special, because all of the clothes I wear to the office are either, black or white, and fits well. Without much thought I grab whatever is at the front of my closet.

We only have so much decision making energy and I do not like to use it on an outfit.  Does it match? Does it fit my body well? Perfect. Then that’s what I’m wearing.

I fast each morning, and do not typically eat until about 2PM so breakfast is not an issue.  I take my vitamins and head out to my office. 

Before I dive into my work, I grab a cup of coffee. I love dark roasts - straight black. No sugar, no creamer. However, when I am feeling a little generous I will get myself a sweet coffee, I’m talking dark chocolate, maybe some oat milk, definitely some cinnamon. 

I drink the coffee to boost my energy, kick start my metabolism, and get laser focused to start my day.


The real work begins.

—Iman Tucker

Graphic by Vim Mood, Photo via the author.

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