Two things: 1. My skin has definetly come a looooong way – let me tell you. 2. Less is certainly more, in my humble opinion.


I have given up dairy for my complexion (and my overall gut health) almost two years ago. During a time when my acne was unreal, cystic and painful—I haven’t looked back since and neither has my skin. Therefor I have been babying my skin as best as I possibly can, while also yearning for the lack of cheesy goodness in my diet. Certainly, careful of the products I use daily and the solids and liquids I digest; I try to keep things uncomplicated. Hints, the reason for my non-dairy awakening many moons ago. And as much as I crave parmesan cheese on a whole dairy lovers pizza, I now know better for skin-sake.

Now for the dairy free content—


My daytime skincare regimen these days is very minimal. It has been for the past several months actually.  The warmer (sometimes stickier) weather endorses it – therefor a less is more approach comes out of sine qua non (a basic necessity.) I know I don’t want something too heavy. My much thicker night/daytime creams have been out of use for the time being. Lately, I have been relying on oils for pre-cleansing and moisturizing. Yes, you heard right—oils! Also, fret not, serum(s) and sunblock make an equally important appearance here also. But without further ado, let’s proceed into the daytime line-up. 


The Daytime Routine

All the hard work that I have done the night before will not be done in vain. Therefor I don’t recleans my face, so that way I don’t strip it of its natural oils yet again. Instead I rinse my face off with cool water and pat it dry with an organic cotton round. Once my face is damp I go in with my toner [with said cotton round] – the toner I swear by is Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe. My fav. I make sure to dab this into my skin instead of rubbing it in. Mind you, I don’t want to cause any irritation and I want it absorb nicely.

After toning, in order to lock in the moisture and sooth the skin further, I spray Heritage Store Rosewater with Atomizer and pat it into my skin until it is a tacky-like consistency. My serum will adhere to this brilliantly. The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum is in order. I am on my second bottle of this stuff. It is the only serum I currently use and it is less than $10 soooo… Next, I use several drops of my all time favorite organic Rosehip oil that I get exclusively from Whole Foods. They have a great variety of oils btw. Ever since I have been using this stuff I have noticed my skins bounce back, evenness in complexion, and dewiness. If I could convince you of anything, it would be try this organic Rosehip oil for yourself, because it is truly BEYOND. (EDIT: Keep in mind that this oil does transfer. If you plan on using this at night, sleep on a pillow case that you don’t care about getting stained.)

After coating my skin with serum(s) and oil(s) alike it is time to protect my investment and put on my SPF 50, I use Coola Unsented Sunscreen, for reference. Fun fact about this stuff in particular: it doesn’t make you look ashy, (very crucial, especially if you are a person of color - then you know what I mean.) It also doubles as a solid replacement for a daytime moisturizer if you really crave one. The cherry to top it all off though is Glossier’s original bomb dot com, which has salvaged my choppers during the unrelenting colder, much drier months. Another gem that comes highly recommended by the way.

Mya Cruz