The practice of taking care of ones needs and our own wellbeing on a daily basis may seem like a rather obvious procedure, but how often do we abandon those fundamental routines when we become overwhelmed, overworked or rigorously consumed with life itself? Soon, it falls by the wayside. Lower down on our to-do list of mandatory doings. And then we become unbothered with the notion of even trying at all.


It may seem like additional work that doesn’t necessarily pay off with instant gratification at times. More or less a slow burn, the kind of burn that happens when you chug down an ice-cold ginger beer. Now and days we loath that kind of thing. We are competing with instant indulgence.


Even I have to remind myself that five minutes is better than nothing. It is the intention and effort set to better yourself and naturally better your day. Self-care is for the long haul and you must put in the work. Yes, it is work but it can be pleasurable, defining, powerful and accessible.  


There is an effective way of staying on top of your self-care needs. We have smart phones that literally anticipate our next desire and command. There is an app for practically everything and then some – including for sustaining your physical and mental wellbeing. Which is why I have gathered up some apps that you may find very accommodating for your go-go-go lifestyle.



Free (Subscription for full access)


An app dedicated to simplifying the meditation practice by making it feel less intimidating and daunting. This colorful and vivid app uses cutesy animation that somehow puts your mind right at ease and makes your brain feel less… congested.


Oak – Meditation & Breathing



Another meditation app that can also help guide your breathing and sleeping. The thing to love about Oak in particular is that it gives you techniques for certain moments when you need them the most. Like breathing to “Awake” or meditation for “Loving Kindness.” You can also customize your instructor, background, and the duration of your practice.  


Aloe Bud

Free (With the option to upgrade)


I haven’t found an app quite like this one, surprisingly. This app focuses on various self-care sectors that can be abandoned throughout our day or even throughout our week. From rest, fuel, motivation, health and even connecting with loved ones – among other things. This makes it easier for you to check-in and to set reminders to keep up with your self-care needs on a consistent basis. You can also log your progress by reflecting upon your day.


Plant Nanny



Plant Nanny is a fun reminder to drink your recommended amount of water (and mind your business.) No, but seriously — a daily exercise that is very crucial (as we all know,) is staying hydrated. Are bodies are made up of 60 percent water, mind you. By setting up a notification as a reminder you will save the virtual life of a plant and in real life, you will be doing your own self a favor by staying on top of your aqua intake and over-all health.





Always on the lookout for a good daily task calendar to help organize my day so that I can get my priorities in order — that way I have enough time to get things done and to unwind later on. It also sets the intention and the purpose. I believe that I have stumbled upon one that doesn’t completely frustrate me. Do! Is esthetically pleasing, easy to use and is free free, so why not give it a shot?


Focus Keeper

Free (With the option to go pro)


If you are constantly getting distracted or feeling the least bit unproductive — than you will definitely get into this last app. Thanks to 4 sessions set per round of 25 minutes with short 5 minute and 25-minute breaks – Focus Keeper will make you feel disciplined and accomplished and less defeated.


I am sure there are even more self-care apps that I am completely unaware of or simply didn’t get to mention here. But let me know what apps I should download next? Is it life-changing? Scribe me in the comment section below.

Photo by Lasse Moller


Mya Cruz