Photographed by Jala Cruz

Photographed by Jala Cruz

By Lamya Cruz (@thatgirllams)

Ever since high school, I had hankered after a pair of high waisted, light denim washed “mom jeans”. Years to follow, I tried everything on the search for the perfect pair of sculpted denim realness. However, they were either too tight where sitting down seemed greatly unreasonable, or too loose fitting that opting out for a belt would be unthinkable. And after several trials and tribulations, I found out about Everlane, through a KarenBritChick vlog.

First off, Everlane’s mission seems to be clear in regards to consumer transparency as applied to ethical factories and sourced materials. The starting cost of their denim is $68.


I decided to go with The Cheeky Straight Ankle Jean’s in the color “Sky Blue.” At 5’6 1/2 I am more torso then leg, and thought this would give me the desired look without feeling derailed with excess denim that would go way passed my ankles, down to my feet (and with shoes might look like a pair of denim footie pants). Nonetheless, it hit just right. In terms of sizing it was recommended to go a size down, depending on if you wanted a figure hugging fit. Which I did, of course. For reference I went with a size 24, which turned out to be my recommended size anyway—go figure. The feel of the denim was satisfying (and dare I say it—soft). But still, they felt like good quality denim. Something that can often times be overlooked, unfortunately.

Overall, I was very pleased and delighted at how breathable these jean were and how well they make the butt look. In all, I would definitely recommend Everlane denim to anyone. They have a lot of potential and the outfit possibilities are endless in my book. I am certainly going to purchase more from this brand to come.


The Look

Inspired by the Canadian tuxedo—denim on denim. Forever 21 boots and turtleneck, old denim jacket from my closet. Glasses, (Blair) from Warby Parker.






Look 3.JPG

By Raynalyn Apuya, (@raynalynaa

As someone who travels, well...more often than not, I find myself constantly reaching towards the same piece over and over again—a [faux] leather jacket. It is definitely very useful here in Barcelona, Spain, especially during their colder than "LA winter". There is just a surplus of things that you can do with this essential, and one of them consists of the necessary operation of layering in the dead of winter. You can either layer under or even over with this multi-functional garment and still look snazzy without the look of thick suffocating bundlesWhen traveling on vacation, I don't know about you, but I want to feel good, look good, and be present with my surroundings. The last thing I want to do is worry about sacrificing my look for warmth. With the use of these basic complimentary silhouettes, here are three ways to style this fundamental piece.


This is a casual yet stylish way to spice up and layer with a leather jacket. This leather jacket is specifically from Zara. I got it as a Christmas gift, and let me just say, this is the best gift ever. I use it nonstop. 

Because of its boxy cut, I gravitated towards a slimmer silhouette for my bottom half. I wore a thrifted plaid grandpa sweater on the top and some black skinnies and Old Skool Vans on the bottom. I made sure to layer up with UNIQLO's life-saving Heattech long sleeve and leggings underneath. It is their innovative take on retaining your own body heat within thin layers. I find myself only having to layer 3-4x max if I use these. So I highly recommend! 

Lastly, I finished off the look with some small silver geometric earrings to match the hardware of the jacket and a baker boy's hat from ASOS to play with the silhouette a little more. 



This look is indeed more polished, especially with my naturally pin straight hair. It is a bit more flexible when it comes to that ultimate day to night look and combines quintessentially similar elements as look one. I combine a loose upper frame with a tighter lower frame. 

On my upper half, I layered a red thrifted mock neck tee with another boxy cut layer under the leather jacket. This blazer from Zara adds a cool cascade effect, adding dimension to the whole look. I then chose trousers for the bottom that look elegant but are still comfy and loose enough to layer underneath.

I wrapped up the look with a pair of black chunky heeled boots with another pair of silver geometric earrings to match the jacket's hardware. Except this time, these earrings have a longer frame to add to the whole cascade effect. 



Look three is for those who want to have a fun girls' night out! This look utilizes the same silhouette dynamic as the previous two outfits, with a slimmer upper frame and a baggier lower frame. 

I layer my leather jacket over this thick dope thrifted turtleneck that has a cool zipper detail, giving off some UNIF vibes. I additionally go for a less traditional pant with these thrifted Levis cut off frayed denim. I then balance out the overall boyish cut of the pants with these slimming sock booties from ALDO, topping it off with this baker boy hat, again to keep in the warmth and play some more with the shadow of the look. 

All in all, it is about using your creativity in order to still turn heads during the winter time. What are your tips and tricks for styling with a leather jacket? 




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Photographed by Lauryn Hayes

Photographed by Lauryn Hayes

By Lauryn Hayes, (@_laurynhayes) 

As a southern girl who grew up mostly in the hot Texas climate, winter was pretty non existent for me. Needless to say, my first winter here in New York City has been a bit of a culture shock. Don’t get me wrong, the snow was cute at first but after a couple of days, I realized I was extremely unprepared for what Mother Nature had in store for me.


Photographed by Lauryn Hayes

Photographed by Lauryn Hayes

However, after interviewing a few seasoned veterans of winter weather I feel like I finally have my winter essentials together.  

The Essentials

I usually find myself reaching for a black turtleneck to layer underneath cardigans and coats. It is a simplistic classic that serves as a base for many of my winter looks. After grabbing one of my trusty tops I always grab my light wash mom jeans. Comfortable, classic, and forgiving after that tray of Christmas cookies. I find I am always throwing these on for my day to day looks. I like to add a belt if I want to elevate the look or add more shape.


Photographed by Lauryn Hayes

Photographed by Lauryn Hayes

The coat in my opinion is the most important part of a winter look. It is the first thing people see and can add so much flavor to a basic winter essenemble. I usually op for my trusty black Vince Camuto trench coat or my super affordable Forever 21 shearling coat, but before I walk out of the door I always make sure to throw something on my head [heat escapes the fastest; mostly out of your head] and this is really a easy way to spice up your look during the winter months. I love my red leather beret from Forever 21 and my bright red knit beanie is great for keeping your head warm. 

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By, Desiree Sabrina (@desireesabrina

My name is Desiree but everyone calls me Dez. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA the city with the best weather ever! (Literally).

When asked about my winter style-inspo I thought, 'wait, there really isn't a true “winter” in Los Angeles.' But that doesn't mean that I can't layer up on those 60 degree days. Some of my favorite staple items during this time are jackets, cardigans, and knitted sweaters. But, I am sure you're thinking, "Why, if it's not that cold in LA during winter?" 



Well, I can simply wear a tank top or a t-shirt underneath my cover ups, just in case it gets too warm throughout the the day. And if it does get too cold at night, I have a jacket or sweater to layer up with. But seriously, who doesn’t love a cozy knitted sweater around this time of year?

Another item I tend to over buy all winter season long are booties! I feel like booties can go with anything from jeans, to a dress, to shorts! My two favorite pairs of booties right now are from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21; they're not too pricey and look good with any outfit.



I have been into darker colors this winter season but I’m definitely digging it and adding my own spark to it with accessories such as a hat or a purse. Personally I like simple, but I usually try to wear one main piece that will stand out. I hope you enjoyed this! Xoxo. 

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By Raven Roberts (@_ravenroberts), 

First of all, congratulations, thrifting, is such an amazing way to add some great unique pieces into your wardrobe. So first off, get to know the stores. Try and visit different ones each time you thrift, just so you can get acclimated with the stores around you. Some thrift stores have days where certain items are on sale, whether it is in a certain category (dresses, shoes, accessories, etc.), a day of the week (50% on Tuesdays) or color of the week* (50% off for the week). Always find out their return policy, because each store is different and some may differ from state to state. For example, some Goodwill’s take returns, usually 7 days, but most don’t so be sure to ask.

On your visit, there are two ways to shop: for something specific or just because. When shopping for something specific, focus on what you’re looking for first; it is so easy to get sidetracked in a thrift store. Once you’ve checked the section(s) you can start exploring other areas. No matter how you shop, have the day’s sales in the back of your head when choosing items.

Check Pricing.

You can’t compare prices to other thrift stores but I usually google the brand if I don’t know it off hand. If it’s a discontinued brand there will sometimes be pricing on sites like eBay or you can gauge how popular the brand once was. I try to stay away from Forever21 and H&M items because the pricing is usually around the same as it would be new in store. I do sometimes find the items I want in store so I will purchase it then. Re-imagine items. Think of how you can up-cycle items with minor alterations. Calculate the cost of the dress and alterations and see if it’s worth the value.

Photographed by Zach Alston

Photographed by Zach Alston


Inspect the clothing.

Look for stains and holes, assess whether they can come out or be mended. Stains like oil, ink, coffee or wine won’t come out. Holes in seams are the easiest to repair, some other holes can be fixed with a patch or alterations. Alterations can include, making something short sleeved, hemming a skirt, making pants into shorts, etc.

Try it on.

Wear clothes you can easily get in and out of if there’s a dressing room. If there isn’t a dressing room, I suggest leggings and a tight top, something you can put clothes over easily. If there’s absolutely no way to try on the item, put it up to your body and try to estimate it as much as possible. Keep in mind vintage sizing. Vintage sizing usually runs smaller than our current sizing, about 2 or 3 sizes. For example, I am usually a 0-2 and in vintage sizing I would be a 4-6; sometimes an occasional 8, depending on if I want it over-sized or not.  The further back the decade, the more in sizing I have to go back. Another example, a dress from the 80's I’d be a 4 but a dress from the 50's or 60's I’d be a 6.

**Color of the Week - some places will tag their clothes as they arrive each week with different colors. To keep clothes moving quickly, they put the oldest tag color on sale each week, so each week a different color is on sale.

Time to hit the register.

Most thrift stores keep their nicer small accessories and jewelry by the register. I usually look at items while I’m being checked out. If this is your first time at the store be sure to ask about their return policy here.

Once you get your items home, wash them or get them dry cleaned before wearing. Furthermore, take your items and get them altered. And of course enjoy!!!

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By Tierra Hogan (@hello_hogan)

When I was asked to write about my personal style I really had to sit down and think about it…. My personal style? I could go on for days about my sweat pant collection, but I don’t think you want to read about that.

Well first and foremost my personal style is 100% defined by the seasons. The weather is dictator of what I decide to throw on, it even commands my makeup and hair routine. In the winter months, if I had to define my personal style I would say Tom-boy sexy. I love anything oversized and I strongly believe in showing off just one aspect of the body at once. Now that I’m a self-proclaimed grown woman I like to try to leave some to the imagination, ask 18-20-year-old me the same question? Well she thought she was Nicki Minaj. If I’m showing legs, which is my go-to, I’m wearing something baggy on top.

Winter for me is about keeping warm while still looking cute and my style is anything that I can feel sexy in but also nothing that I have to suck in my gut for.

So what clothes am I buying? You might ask. Well I’ll tell you.


I’m all about boyfriend jeans, culottes, wide leg pants, ankle cuts, and loose fit trousers. I love the feel of taking a menswear style trouser and making it sexy. I feel powerful in a style meant for a guy and I love the feel of sexiness without needing my clothes to be form fitting or super revealing.


As for tops, depending on the fit of the pant, I’m all about oversized hoodies under an oversize jean jacket. For the work place, a loose fit tee under a nice blazer makes for the perfect outfit.

Now for accessories!

I’m all about a statement earring, my outfits are typically simple and dark in color so the pop of the earring, ties it all together.


Shoes, shoes, shoes

Living in NY I’m getting more into my game. I’m definitely into clunky boots, lug heels, and sneakers. My go-to right now are the Fenty x Puma. I’m all about vans, converse and oxford shoes for women. Again, more masculine type shoes.

A bonus feature…

 I love to add fun socks. The more random the sock pattern the more excited I get about the sock.

I’m a nice mix of dramatic and monotone, literally my personally is a little bipolar and this translates into my personal style. While you’ll notice a lot of black in my closet, I bust out with a pink fur coat and huge earrings. I’m tom-boy sexy, as Starburst would say, “A juicy contradiction.” 

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