Camera and lens used:

Camera: Canon Rebel t5i

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

*Phone camera can work well too!  

Apps Used:

Free: VSCO (the holy grail)

$3.99: Facetune (great for retouching)



1. Email yourself the final selected photo set.

2. Download and save photos to your phone.

3. Open Facetune, and click the camera in the upper left hand corner by selecting ‘Open Photo’ and chose the photo that you want to edit.

4. See what needs to be done first. I usually click the tear drop that says ‘smooth’, and retouch skin accordingly. If you don’t think you need this step than move onto the next. (Note: I try not to go too hard with this effect because I still want the skin to still look like the model’s own, just a little more polished.)

5. Click ‘details’ and focus it on the hair, accessories, and clothes. Whatever is supposed to be the focal point, focus on that.

6. Click ‘tones’ and retouch the makeup and skin. (Note: I zoom in really really close, and I use the picker tool to help match color and undertones.) This is probably the most intricate step in the entire process, and it will probably take the longest, because whatever you do you want it to match up with every photo and you want it to look as seamless as possible.  So try not to be too heavy handed with this step.

7. ‘Save to Camera Roll’ when you’re finished. 

8. In VSCO,  tap on the plus sign in the upper right hand side to add your photos.

9. Select your chosen photo and click on the lines next to the ‘x’. It will take you to edit.

10. For this series I chose to go with a minimalist, but sharp look, so I chose the filter HB2. (note: you can chose whatever filter fits your personal preferences and style.)

11. Next, I made sure the exposure, contrast, sharpness, clarity and saturation were adjusted accordingly.

12. Feel free to play around with the other features and filters. I do this over a span of a couple of days to make sure it is just right and to my personal standards.

13. Sometimes I find that I have to go back to Facetune and retouch makeup, [also skin again], because of the filters washing it out. If you feel that you don’t need to, then skip this step.

14. Once I’m happy with how everything looks with each photo I save and share!  

I hope this helps! Play around until you find your desired look. Good luck! 

Mya Cruz