By Lamya Cruz (@thatgirllams

I decided to invest in Ariul’s 7 Days Sheet Mask in Bamboo Water after reading an article from InStyle about how this specific sheet mask sells out in South Korea every 8 seconds. Who knew that making a quick once over in the K-beauty section of CVS would bring me here; with a humble stash tucked away in a small section of my refrigerator door?.. I actually had to try this sheet mask twice to discover how much I like it—and I really really like it. Through my personal experience with the product, I will gladly convince anyone to try it. 

Lately, sheet masking at least once a week has been a must for me. It is a great way to treat myself after a long day, especially, since we’re in the dead of summer—it’s hot and humid. My skin [in particular] tends to get super oily right about now, and it is not cute. I want to glow like J-LO. Yet, not look like a french fry drenched in oil. The Bamboo Water has given my face that J-LO glow, without looking too greasy. 

This sheet mask drips of essence and has such a fresh and luxurious feeling both on and off. The cooling effect is especially nice [if you store the mask in the fridge like I do.] Ariul’s 7 Days Sheet Mask offers a set of seven different masks that each serve a specific purpose for the skin. I have only tried: Bamboo Water Mask and Aloe Mask. Bamboo Water Mask seems to help the skin retain moisture while Aloe Mask seems to soothe, smooth and reduce the appearance of redness. Overall, the ingredients are not as harsh as some other sheet masks. And, the product does not contain mineral oil which can clog pores. What’s even better is that you can find The Ariul’s 7 Days Sheet Mask Set online or at a CVS for around $2.49, and every penny is worth it.