Why You Need to Add Gua Sha Into Your Life


By Lamya Cruz

Ok, I’m convinced that the Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool is worthy to be in your life, but don’t just take my word for it. About 97.9% (or higher; I’m not quite sure), of the skincare-beauty community have been singing the praises of this ancient Chinese medical treatment for awhile now. So of course I was already sold on it after about the umpteenth time of seeing (and hearing) about the many wonders of just gliding its posh-ness several times onto the face, as almost every influencer that I followed conveyed on their up-to-the-minute instagram stories. So yeah, I hopped onto the bandwagon.

Pronounced GA-SHUH, this tool is supposed to help with circulating the blood flow by pressing mildly into the skin. There are also several benefits to using this specific massage tool. For example, it increases collagen production, which gives your skin elasticity and firms the muscle tissue. (Perk number 1, because we like elasticity and muscle tissue over here). It can also help with wrinkles, inflammation, and removing toxins berried into the skin. All good things. But the one thing that really got me was that it can help with acne, and being someone who has occasional acne flare ups and who has suffered from cystic acne (just recently actually), this was like gospel to my ears. After Aja Dang’s YouTube video (watch video below) where she explained why she preferred this even over the other insanely hyped beauty tool of the moment, the Jade Roller; I knew I had to give it a good old college try. I mean it was only $8 off of Amazon.     


There were several styles and sizes to choose from but ultimately I went with the Jade Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool that fit into the size of my palm; a pretty green with hints of blue. Perfect for those Gua Sha selfies.  

For the past month, I've used this religiously every night. I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference with my skin after adding this step into my routine. My moisturizer sinks into my skin leaving it a lot more hydrated in the morning. My pores seem less abrasive, I don’t have as many breakouts, my skin tone (especially where I have redness and hyper-pigmentation seems to be fading a lot faster). And the texture of my skin seems to be a lot smoother and even. All of this has actually motivated me to continue to stay consistent with using this thing, and I actually look forward to using my Gua Sha every night.  

Of course there is a technique to this little guy. From the dozens of videos I watched before using the Gua Sha tool, it seemed like everyone had a different method, but I mean it seemed to have worked for them, so whatever floats your boat, right? (Inserts shrug emoji here). However, there is indeed an art to using the Gua Sha massage tool, as I learned. I wanted to make sure I had the right technique down pat in order to get the best results. I learned that moving the stone upwards is the key. Also, try to avoid scraping too hard on the skin, (you don’t want to irritate it). Instead keep the stone flat to surface when using it both on your face and on your body. The best video I found on the full technique is right below. 


I make sure to clean my Gua Sha stone with soap and warm water every time before I use it. If you want an added cooling effective for your skin, I usually run mine under cold water for about 15 seconds. This may help with the inflammation.

Yes, on my days where I feel butt tired, I don’t necessarily want to add an extra five minutes onto my already long routine, but I do because I must stay consistent. My skin isn’t perfect yet, but it’s getting there. Remember, it is all about consistency. I have managed to make my routine go a lot faster by altering it from night-to-night while still staying true to the actual technique itself. I generally don’t do the neck and shoulders, maybe on occasion if I feel like I really need it. Generally, I focus on just my face; moving the stone upwards five times, each side of my chin (jaw bone), cheeks, under eyes, eyebrows, forehead and temples. Don’t forget the temples. Never forget the temples.