My Take on The Fashion Savvy BKR Water Bottle | Is It Worth It?


By Lamya Cruz

Being a self-proclaimed water bottle snob; I take my water bottles kind of seriously. When I first became aware of the BKR bottle I just knew it was only a matter of time before I tried it out for myself. The too cool for school BKR bottle is just that—too cool. At the time I was very content with my matte black 40 oz Hydro Flask [which I loved] up until the straw became molded inside. And although I harbor no harsh feelings in the end; I wanted to try my hand at something else.

At first glance, the BKR bottle seemed very in-vogue and almost too pretty to touch. Yes, I could imagine totting it along with me as I ran errands here and there in an equally adorable ensemble, but could it really hold up to the elements overtime. I wasn’t sure at first, but I was very curious to find out. So, one night I read some reviews online (as I seldom do when investing in anything), and I decided to buy it; right along with a long all-white [slightly angled] brush cleaner, which I would recommend getting if you want to properly clean the inside of your bottle. $56 dollars later I was actually excited about my new purchase.   


The overall concept for the water bottle is pretty fabulous [if you ask me]—it’s all about combining style, substance and practicality. This bottle was designed for the woman who is no stranger to aesthetically beautiful things, and who may also want to eliminate the toxicity that comes from using plastic bottles, which doesn’t hurt either. Part of BKR’s mission is “inspiring sippers to drink water like it's a special treat and helping create the foundation for a gorgeous complexion so skincare and makeup can do their work,” which is written on the website (read all about their story here). The fact that it is also founded by two women, who have been best friends since law school named Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, is pretty iconic. Can you say friendship goals! 

I do like this overall concept, which is more or less the reason I decided to make my purchase in the first place. I have also become a hard core water drinker over the years and I have found that having something like the BKR bottle for sure makes drinking water less of a mundane chore and more of a luxury. I can say with certainty that this water bottle has kept me on top of my water consumption. I at least drink two full litters at day. 




It’s obvious this bottle is exquisitely designed. The sizes vary from the website, but I decided to go with the litter size which is called the Big, [mostly because it seemed to justify the price a lot more for me]. Another thing to look forward to is the variety of colors and designs you can choose from. There definitely is the since that these bottle cases are designed with style in mind and are inspired by fashion and seems quite timeless and not too trendy. I chose a natural design in the color Tutu. A color I would describe as a breathless pink. I love the color, which looks even more gorgeous in person than it did on my computer screen. Something else to note is that each color has its own little brief story on the website. It’s honestly too cute!   

Pricing and other things to note

I would say this is definitely a luxury water bottle and the cost certainly reflects that. The most inexpensive bottle on the website would be the Teeny which is $28 but that’s only for 250 ml! Compared to the most popular and smallest Hydro Flask Wide Mouth bottle which is about $29.95 for a 532 ml. While S’well’s smallest water bottle is 266 ml is about $25. It could seem a bit overpriced considering that both the S’well and Hydro Flask are actually thermal bottles that make the claim of keeping your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Although the BKR does neither—it can make up for it in other ways. The BKR bottle is made out of glass, which is supposed to be free of harsh chemicals. It also makes the water taste a lot purer and is a lot better for the environment.

That being said; I have owned a thermal bottle twice before and I can say although it is nice to have your water keep at a certain temperature for a long period of time; since using the BKR bottle I do notice a difference with taste compared to the thermally insulated bottles. I also like being able to see straight into the bottle and the water itself; knowing that their isn't anything funky going on.

Is it worth it?

I say yes! I have had this bottle for about two months now and I honestly have no complaints with it thus far. If you can justify the price and it fits into your lifestyle why not? Of course, I wasn’t sure how durable the actual glass would be at first, but it seems pretty solid and the case is thick enough to where it doesn’t make me feel too subconscious about it breaking whenever I have it with me. The bottle itself is also pretty easy to clean, thanks in due part to the perfect bottle brush. I would also recommend cleaning it on a regular basis to insure that both your bottle and water are looking and tasting their best. Overall, I would definitely recommend this bottle if you are looking for something that will both make you want to drink your water regularly and feel luxurious--all at the same time.