4 Perfumes That Are Worth Smelling for Yourself


By Lamya Cruz

The ultimate compliment is when you’re stopped by a friendly stranger who asks you what you’re wearing? Your perfume that is. So, you awkwardly thank them, stumble upon the name of your current faves and scare them away with all your recommendations.

If sandalwood is supposed to make you feel posh and sophisticated than floral is supposed to make you feel clean and alluring.

One of my all-time go to fragrances has to be Amazing Grace by Philosophy. This fragrance would fall under the clean and very alluring category practically to a T. In fact it smells like the pure definition of grace when you look it up on Google, which I did, “simple elegance or refinement of movement.” I love how this scent sits on the skin and sinks into the pores throughout the day [in the best possible way that is] the traces left behind are nothing short of delicious floral notes and suddenly your almost irresistible to everyone.

Who doesn’t want that?

Another close second would be The Body Shops White Musk Eau De Parfum. Compared to Amazing Grace this one is a bit more transparent, light and airy. I love using this in collaboration with the perfume oil which I would also recommend getting. Another added bonus is that it is cruelty-free! 

The exclusive Urban Outfitters collection Gourmand EDP Elegant Fragrance is both cruelty-free and aesthetically pleasing. I fell in love with both the Crème Vanille Eau De Parfum which is reminiscent to that of a Jones’s Cream Soda [if you've ever had one], thanks in due part to the hints of vanilla and brown sugar. While the Crème Vanille Eau De Parfum is sweet and fine-drawn, the Rose Enfumé Eau De Parfum smells like a night out with the girls; the dark amber and Italian bergamot has a romantic moodiness to it, which is nice for after dark. If I had to suggest an outfit to wear with this one, it would be a low plunging black dress, drop tear earring’s and a sleek ankle strapped stiletto.