It's in My Closet (3 Ways to Wear The Leather Jacket)

Look 3.JPG

By Raynalyn Apuya, (@raynalynaa

As someone who travels, well...more often than not, I find myself constantly reaching towards the same piece over and over again—a [faux] leather jacket. It is definitely very useful here in Barcelona, Spain, especially during their colder than "LA winter". There is just a surplus of things that you can do with this essential, and one of them consists of the necessary operation of layering in the dead of winter. You can either layer under or even over with this multi-functional garment and still look snazzy without the look of thick suffocating bundlesWhen traveling on vacation, I don't know about you, but I want to feel good, look good, and be present with my surroundings. The last thing I want to do is worry about sacrificing my look for warmth. With the use of these basic complimentary silhouettes, here are three ways to style this fundamental piece.


This is a casual yet stylish way to spice up and layer with a leather jacket. This leather jacket is specifically from Zara. I got it as a Christmas gift, and let me just say, this is the best gift ever. I use it nonstop. 

Because of its boxy cut, I gravitated towards a slimmer silhouette for my bottom half. I wore a thrifted plaid grandpa sweater on the top and some black skinnies and Old Skool Vans on the bottom. I made sure to layer up with UNIQLO's life-saving Heattech long sleeve and leggings underneath. It is their innovative take on retaining your own body heat within thin layers. I find myself only having to layer 3-4x max if I use these. So I highly recommend! 

Lastly, I finished off the look with some small silver geometric earrings to match the hardware of the jacket and a baker boy's hat from ASOS to play with the silhouette a little more. 



This look is indeed more polished, especially with my naturally pin straight hair. It is a bit more flexible when it comes to that ultimate day to night look and combines quintessentially similar elements as look one. I combine a loose upper frame with a tighter lower frame. 

On my upper half, I layered a red thrifted mock neck tee with another boxy cut layer under the leather jacket. This blazer from Zara adds a cool cascade effect, adding dimension to the whole look. I then chose trousers for the bottom that look elegant but are still comfy and loose enough to layer underneath.

I wrapped up the look with a pair of black chunky heeled boots with another pair of silver geometric earrings to match the jacket's hardware. Except this time, these earrings have a longer frame to add to the whole cascade effect. 



Look three is for those who want to have a fun girls' night out! This look utilizes the same silhouette dynamic as the previous two outfits, with a slimmer upper frame and a baggier lower frame. 

I layer my leather jacket over this thick dope thrifted turtleneck that has a cool zipper detail, giving off some UNIF vibes. I additionally go for a less traditional pant with these thrifted Levis cut off frayed denim. I then balance out the overall boyish cut of the pants with these slimming sock booties from ALDO, topping it off with this baker boy hat, again to keep in the warmth and play some more with the shadow of the look. 

All in all, it is about using your creativity in order to still turn heads during the winter time. What are your tips and tricks for styling with a leather jacket? 




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