By Lamya Cruz

Forgone the powder, because setting isn’t a necessity for me these days. I want the appearance of “your skin but better.” And believe it or not, eliminating this step in my makeup routine has made my regimen a lot zippier in the mornings and less cakey—8 products strong baby. I feel proud. I feel impressed. In fact, I feel less of this notion that I am even wearing makeup at all (well, maybe not to that extent). But I do like the end results. Regardless, my makeup has not been dripping off of my face, as of yet, and I am not mad at it in the slightest. Now, could I pull this off for the rest of the year? Only the summer knows.   

I believe however, that the notion to using fewer products most certainly depends on the caliber and versatility of those said products. If you can’t use it to triple as a bronzer, contour and an eye shadow then what good is it really? During the week, I want to look agreeable, but I want to save myself some time. So, this is my Ted Talk.

Fair warning: This is not sponsored content at all, but a majority of all the products I am using [and paid for with my own money] are from Au Natural Cosmetics. Also, something that should be duly noted about this company is that it is woman owned, cruelty free, ethically sourced and excludes the use of harmful ingredients in their products. Now, let’s get into it!

8 Product Ted Talk

Lip balm, is very crucial to my routine day or night. I go between Bitchstix in Vegan Spearmint and Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. On my face I start with my Completely Covered Creme Concealer in “Baja” to cover up any discoloration or blemishes. I warm up the product on the back of my hand and with my fingertips, I place it on the areas where I need it the most. Because, I do feel like this concealer needs a light powder to set into place I don’t use it as often, but it does have pretty good coverage. Next, I move to my stick foundation, (and my current favorite at the moment), Zero Gravity C2P Foundation in “Mumbai”. I cannot describe to you how beautiful this stuff goes onto the skin. I grab for this foundation stick every time I do my makeup. It really does give you that healthy soft radiance with a powder finish. Although, I would like to see a wider shade range for darker tones. We are making strides within the industry and I am optimistic that this will be the case with Au Natural Cosmetics as well.

Anyhow, back to original programming. I place the foundation at the center of my face but not too close to my under-eye area. No creasing zone here folks. I use my Sonia Kashuk Flat-Top Foundation Brush (a holy grail and the only brush I use for my entire routine.) With a dabbing sweeping motion, I work it all over my face. Then, I go in with the Zero Gravity C2P Foundation in “Cali” to bronze and contour my cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead. I buff that out with the same brush for a seamless finish. Any excess foundation on the back of my hand from “Cali” goes directly onto my eyelids for a hit of color. My favorite part is applying The Anywhere Creme Multistick in “Roseate” an understated flushed pink that I have been swiping upwards on my cheekbones and dabbing into my skin with both my brush and my fingertips. I haven’t had a blush in years and I didn’t think I needed one up until recently. I am obsessed with this cream blush though. I have two that I rotate from day to day, but I want more! (Note: This could also be used as a lip-stain and eye-shadow).

I spend the most time doing my eyebrows. They are stubborn and sparse. The most challenging part in my routine is shaping them into place! This is where Glossier’s Boy Brow, (in black) comes into play. It has saved me a lot of time. (Pro tip: For a natural brow, go in with as less product as possible and sweep lightly into the brow hairs. Build up from there.)

I finish off with Colourpop’s Kapish in the Matte X formula, outlined with either a lippie stick in the shade Taurus or my Rimmel London lip liner in Coffee Bean. It’s my perfect soft brown-pink nude. It truly ties everything together. Then I set my makeup with rose water and I am done—and ready.