Photographed by Jala Cruz

Photographed by Jala Cruz

By Lamya Cruz

Ever since high school, I had hankered after a pair of high waisted, light denim washed “mom jeans”. Years to follow, I tried everything on the search for the perfect pair of sculpted denim realness. However, they were either too tight where sitting down seemed greatly unreasonable, or too loose fitting that opting out for a belt would be unthinkable. And after several trials and tribulations, I found out about Everlane, through a KarenBritChick vlog.

First off, Everlane’s mission seems to be clear in regards to consumer transparency as applied to ethical factories and sourced materials. The starting cost of their denim is $68.


I decided to go with The Cheeky Straight Ankle Jean’s in the color “Sky Blue.” At 5’6 1/2 I am more torso then leg, and thought this would give me the desired look without feeling derailed with excess denim that would go way passed my ankles, down to my feet (and with shoes might look like a pair of denim footie pants). Nonetheless, it hit just right. In terms of sizing it was recommended to go a size down, depending on if you wanted a figure hugging fit. Which I did, of course. For reference I went with a size 24, which turned out to be my recommended size anyway—go figure. The feel of the denim was satisfying (and dare I say it—soft). But still, they felt like good quality denim. Something that can often times be overlooked, unfortunately.

Overall, I was very pleased and delighted at how breathable these jean were and how well they make the butt look. In all, I would definitely recommend Everlane denim to anyone. They have a lot of potential and the outfit possibilities are endless in my book. I am certainly going to purchase more from this brand to come.


The Look

Inspired by the Canadian tuxedo—denim on denim. Forever 21 boots and turtleneck, old denim jacket from my closet. Glasses, (Blair) from Warby Parker.