By, Shakara Strayhorn 

Picture by Henrique Junior

Picture by Henrique Junior

Do you remember the time when you experienced a moment when life stood still, when all your problems did not seem to matter? That moment for myself is called dance. Every time my bare feet come into contact with the floor, and the room is filled with rhythmic beats; making my body move through the ups, and the downs, as the beat moves around-and-around; has made my life feel at peace. Dancing is not just a hobby, it is a part of my heart, soul, and spirit. Without dance in my life I would not be the woman I am today.

Being able to dance every day, I am living my best life. So many people take life for granted. It is as though God has placed the rhythmic nature in me, to glide happily around like the need to breathe oxygen in and out. It is time to step out on faith, and elevate into the light, become your truth. Who cares what people may think? Your life is designed for you, not for others to validate. It is time to for you to become free. Dance, like no one is watching. Love, like you have never been hurt. Sing, like no one is listening, and love unconditionally like heaven is on earth.

Mya Cruz