Photo by Autumn Goodman

Photo by Autumn Goodman

New Years resolutions are personal. And these short term goals set by you, to essentially accomplish by the end of the year. And while some love the idea of this rather dated nuance, others find it completely unnecessary if not annoying.

Why set yourself up like that? What's the purpose? Why not just live in the moment and see what happens?

Each question varies from person to person, year after year, but there is something to creating a new years resolution, and I don't believe it is necessarily setting you up for failure, nor is it the point. Personally speaking, I look at New Years Resolutions as a reminder to myself that I am working towards something no matter how big or small. It is not to discourage but to motivate if not inspire. 

Constantly, we hear that each year is a new beginning, a clean slate, and you to can become a new person because of this. Well maybe not an entirely new person. Perhaps the 2.0 version of yourself. Making a change in your life doesn't have to be for anyone else but for yourself, and it doesn't have to be this grand gesture that is completely earth defying. It can however, be the early foundation for something close to it. Baby steps. Set goals that are going to be practical for you and that you feel could be easier to accomplish for the year; remember these are your short term goals and eventually the basis for the long term ones to come ahead. Perhaps try breaking it down for each month and set out a plan within that time frame--this could make it more manageable. Like I said, baby steps--ease yourself into whatever your trying to accomplish. Also figure out the basis of what exactly you are trying to accomplish for the month leading to the whole year. Think about how are you going to make it happen.   

If you feel that every year you get judged for setting a new years resolution then try keeping it to yourself, as opposed to sharing it with friends and family. That way you won't feel added pressures and discouragement from others. Sometimes, are goals don't always need to be for others, rather for ourselves. Instead try writing them down in a journal.

Remember to be flexible with the goals you set for yourself, meaning don't be discouraged when it takes a little longer than you anticipated, or if you want to add goals to the list later on go ahead, but remember to try and keep everything in perspective. Make sure that you are making the effort to make them happen at your own paste. At the end of the day all you can do is try, right? Sometimes there are going to be accomplishments that are a lot quicker than others; you may even have goals that might roll over into the next year, and that's okay to. 

Put enough pressure on yourself to where you stay motivated and inspired each day to do what you need to do but not to where you feel defeated and overwhelmed. Understand that things take time, and we all tend to get a little side tracked and thrown off by life sometimes. So, stay encouraged and go for it!