By Tierra Hogan (@hello_hogan)

When I was asked to write about my personal style I really had to sit down and think about it…. My personal style? I could go on for days about my sweat pant collection, but I don’t think you want to read about that.

Well first and foremost my personal style is 100% defined by the seasons. The weather is dictator of what I decide to throw on, it even commands my makeup and hair routine. In the winter months, if I had to define my personal style I would say Tom-boy sexy. I love anything oversized and I strongly believe in showing off just one aspect of the body at once. Now that I’m a self-proclaimed grown woman I like to try to leave some to the imagination, ask 18-20-year-old me the same question? Well she thought she was Nicki Minaj. If I’m showing legs, which is my go-to, I’m wearing something baggy on top.

Winter for me is about keeping warm while still looking cute and my style is anything that I can feel sexy in but also nothing that I have to suck in my gut for.

So what clothes am I buying? You might ask. Well I’ll tell you.


I’m all about boyfriend jeans, culottes, wide leg pants, ankle cuts, and loose fit trousers. I love the feel of taking a menswear style trouser and making it sexy. I feel powerful in a style meant for a guy and I love the feel of sexiness without needing my clothes to be form fitting or super revealing.


As for tops, depending on the fit of the pant, I’m all about oversized hoodies under an oversize jean jacket. For the work place, a loose fit tee under a nice blazer makes for the perfect outfit.

Now for accessories!

I’m all about a statement earring, my outfits are typically simple and dark in color so the pop of the earring, ties it all together.


Shoes, shoes, shoes

Living in NY I’m getting more into my game. I’m definitely into clunky boots, lug heels, and sneakers. My go-to right now are the Fenty x Puma. I’m all about vans, converse and oxford shoes for women. Again, more masculine type shoes.

A bonus feature…

 I love to add fun socks. The more random the sock pattern the more excited I get about the sock.

I’m a nice mix of dramatic and monotone, literally my personally is a little bipolar and this translates into my personal style. While you’ll notice a lot of black in my closet, I bust out with a pink fur coat and huge earrings. I’m tom-boy sexy, as Starburst would say, “A juicy contradiction.” 

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